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!GPS נוסעים לחו"ל? אל תלכו לאיבוד, קחו

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3G High Speed Mobile Hotspot 


Travelling to Israel?    Webbing Spot allows you to stay connected with your Laptop, iPhone and any WiFi enabled device (up to 5 devices). 

Portable Mobile Router with a local data SIM card.


Creating a mobile hotspot which allows you to Surf any time, anywhere.


When Hotels Surfing Rates too high anyway and somtimes very complicate, it's your best option to stay connected on the road as well, any time, anywhere.




Prices above for GPS Renters and not including 16% Tax


Surfing anywhere and still saving

use our 3G WiFi Portable Router 




What is Webbing?


Webbing is a new service which is based on a USB Modem or Mobile Router with a local data SIM card that allows you to easily connect to the Internet anywhere in Israel.
You can use any device such as iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Smartphone etc.
Webbing provides an unlimited data plan so you don't have to worry about the usage.


What is the difference between Webbing Stick and Webbing Spot?


Webbing Stick is a USB Modem which allows you to connect you Laptop everywhere you go.
Webbing Spot is a personal mobile router which allows you to connect up to 5 devices to the Internet. You may connect any device which has WiFi capabilities.
Both products have a SIM card with an unlimited data plan so you can surf as much as you need.



Is there any software required to use Webbing?


Not at all. If you use the Webbing Stick (USB Modem), the connection manager will be initiated automatically upon inserting the device to your Laptop.
If you use the Webbing Spot (Mobile Router), there is no need to install any software, simply power on the Spot and wait for the WiFi signal to appear.